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Bloomin Eck! … IVECO Wagon first to arrive for new year respray

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3rd January

We have just received an Iveco wagon for respray, first one in to the workshop for the new year. Many thanks to Bloomin Gardens who have kindly given us permission to repsray their commercial vehicle.

For those interested in the progress of this vehicle repaint / respray please add us to your faves. We will add pics as we progress.

Bloomin Gardens Vehicle as it arrived for respray


Work begins stripping down and prepping

We’re in the booth masking up ready for it’s first coat….

During Respray

All of the mask / prep removed from the wagon (spray booth gets a tidy up afterwards !!)

The IVECO is now being cleaned, polished and ready for decals which are going on this afternoon…. (12.01.12) Fingers crossed !

So the Vehicle Decals are on and the IVECO Wagon is now 100% finished and picked up … Read More »

Dennis Refuse Vehicle a little worse for wear….

24th November

Click for more images, One of the older Dennis Municipal Vehicles needs a wanting a new lease of life and a major refurb on the cab interior. Its amazing how daily use can take its toll on both the inside cab and the bodywork.

Mercedes Econic Municipal Vehicle Respray

24th November

Mercedes Econic Municipal Vehicle Respray (white). This municipal vehicle had seen better days and both sides of the vehicle were damaged, dented and scratched from daily use, overhanging trees etc. The wagon fit easily in our spray booth / hot bake oven and was repaired and resprayed in a matter of days and back on the road oncemore!

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