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DAF 45/150 Horsebox Paint Repairs (Respray)

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4th July

Lakeview Horse Transport gave us the opportunity to repair the paintwork on their DAF 45 horsebox, there were various issues, scratches and dents to be repaired so our team got to work on the daf horsebox.


Bullnose Scania Horsebox going green, black and silver respray.

29th June

We have the pleasure of creating a masterpiece on a rare scania bullnose horsebox. Our client is going for  pistachio green with pink and silver alongside additional repairs. Stay tuned for more photos….

The client has had a colour change from the original green, pink and silver design to metallic black and bright metallic green which will look stunning. Stay tuned for more pictures.




3.5t Renault Master Horsebox Respray in Orange and Black.

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19th June

In for respray, a converted 3.5t Renault Master Van Horsebox to be refinished in Orange and Black with custom stripe along the side from bottom to top.




The Renaul Horsebox is currently for sale at Sterling Rose Services Ltd, for more information and contact details visit  www.sterlingroseservices.co.uk or call  01530 260 322

Insurance Repairs to Iveco Horse box

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3rd May

Coopers are and have been  undertaking Insurance Damage Repairs to Horseboxes and commercial vehicles for some time now, we have a 54 plate Iveco Horsebox which is in need of door repairs, rear bumper and decals where appropriate. This Iveco Horsebox is a fairly straight forward job but illustrates the kind of work undertaken by Cooper Commercial on a regular basis. Stay tuned for more photos as we progress through the job.


Daf Lorry half green …. literally!

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29th December

We were asked to repair and respray a daf commercial vehicle for a city council, this daf has had a hard life. Just in case you are wondering why the vehicle is half green and half white… quite simply it was half sprayed and finished under agreement from the council to help showcase the quality of Coopers workmanship at UK exhibitions. We did finish the respray in the end and it was back on the road once more.

Shiny Red Horsebox hits the Road!

2nd December

coopers have performed a stunning paint respray on an R Registration (1997) Horsebox which consisted of a Cab in need of some TLC and an aluminium back end. Needless to say Coopers coated the aluminium pre-spray and resprayed the lot in red (as chosen by the client). New decals were added to finish the job front and rear and it was back on the road in super quick time! Another happy customer. Will keep you posted with future updates and a testimonial of the client ;).

The Horsebox as it came in to Coopers

All around views of the original

Getting Prepped / masked

On goes the Aluminium Etch Primer….

Horsebox gets a Respray

Decals / Showjumpers Logo added

Respraying a 4×4 american truck

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2nd December

WOW! We’ve Just received a order to paint an American Monster Truck! We really can paint anything!!! As soon as we get some photos we’ll get them posted online. (current image for illustration purposed only)

Horse Box Respray with Decals / Detailing.

25th November

Horse Box Respray with Decals / Detailing.  –  Horsebox Order came to us looking a little dated and the Client wanted to update the look of the horsebox respray. Instructions were for moonlight silver and red bull blue. After various artwork versions were sent out for approval the client agreed on a simple detailing throughout the front, sides and back of the horsebox. Below are photos of various stages from recieving the horsebox to completion.

As the horsebox was originally

Being Prepped for respray

We pay particular attention on the engine bay and remove as much of the original parts around the horsebox, these parts then get added back to the horsebox once painted.


Painted and awaiting Decals / Lettering

Finally Decals / Lettering added, cleaned / washed and ready for pickup / sign off.

Vauxhall Van Cab Respray

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25th November

Full respray of a vauxhall van cab, nice easy job for the cooper team, this job was part of a larger order of cab resprays.

Mitsubishi Fuzo Respray in Blue and Yellow

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24th November

Finished Photo’s of the Mitsubishi Fuzo Respray, nice easy job and very quick turnaround. Our Client was extremely happy with the finished result. Just missing the signwriting / decals now. Our team gave the Mitsubishi a full respray including colour coded bumpers as requested in yellow.

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