Aprire bikes race trailer repairs and black respray

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Aprire bikes race trailer repairs and black respray

Friday saw the arrival of the Aprire Bicycles race trailer in for a refurb and respray. From worn white to black with decal logos and contact details. This will look awesome when complete. We will post images on as soon as we begin work. Many thanks to Phil for making the long journey to bring us the race trailer.


Trailer wing / wheel arch damage repairs


The Aprire Bicycles Trailer before any work is undertaken, The Towavan Trailer gets repairs underway today.


Box Trailer Firebglass / Filler repairs in progress


More Trailer Repairs to the front corners


Firbreglass Repairs to the trailer mud guards / wings. (and paint tech kev with sticky gloves!, let's hope he doesn't butter sandwiches like that 😉



Aprire Bicycles Race Trailer gets its first coat of etch primer to ensure optimum paint adhesion to the panels.



Old seals removed and new areas get sealed prior to primer, rear doors lose handles and new handles go on. Damaged wings / mudflaps fixed.


Race Trailer interior is now prepped and painted in matt white and awaiting front panel, flooring and fitment of handles, locks. Exterior is etch primed, filled, sanded, filled some more. and almost ready for filler primer and black respray. (I don't think our paint tech "Dabba" realises he has made a dot to dot dog on a lead with those filler spots.)



race trailer wheels are refurbed, tyres blacked and chassis looks as good as new again.


Semi Gloss Paint curing in the spray / low bake booth


Awaiting decals (and paint curing time)


race trailer front view and close up, awaiting new decals / artwork.


Looking great with the aprire bicycles logo decals on


Decals on the Aprire Race Trailer, Aprire Race Support looking good


Aprire Bespoke Decal / Stickers in Grey /Red look awesome against the black trailer paintwork


Decals going on, awaiting flooring and inside front panel

If you are interested in Aprire Bikes then visit http://www.aprirebicycles.com/ for more details


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